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Program Objective

This course is designed as a beginner to advanced reference guide for complete CNC Programming for most of today’s Numerical Controls. It covers the basics to advanced CNC programming, with step-by -step coverage of machining processes, an introductory chapter on CAD/CAM, and an overview of MasterCAM.

Course objectives

Students will gain intermediate knowledge, using Geometry functions to draw 2D products:
Rectangles  |  Lines  |  Polygons
Arcs: Circles and Ellipses
Fillets and Chamfer
Drafting to show the dimension of products

Practice to create Surface and Toolpath
Facing Toolpath
Contour and Open Contour
Toopaths—2D Toolpath(chamfer)-Contour Remachinning
Pocket and Open Pocket Toolpath
1. Open Pocket Toolpath
2. Pocket Remachine Toolpath
3. Pocket Island Facing Toolpath
    - Drill Toolpaths
    - Slot Mill Toolpath
    - 2D High Speed Toolpaths:
        a.  2D High Speed Area Mill Toolpath
        b.  2D High Speed Core Mill Toolpath

        c.  2D High Speed Blend Mill Toolpath

        d.  2D High Speed Pell Mill Toolpath
        e.  2D High Speed Rest Mill Toolpath
        f.  2D High Speed Dynamic Contour Toolpath
        g.  2D High Speed Dynamic Core Mill Toolpath
        h.  2D High Speed Dynamic Area Mill Toolpath

4. Transform Toolpath
5. Circle Mill Toolpath
6. Feature base Drilling (FBD) Toolpath
7. Feature Base Milling (FBM) Toolpath

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